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updated: June 15, 2005


Other Conferences

Workshop Resources:

  1. Rethinking the Labour Movement
  2. Resisting the Olympics
  3. Health Under Capitalism
  4. Creative Political and Legal Strategies
  5. The Possibilities and Limitations of Electoralism
  6. Globalizing the War & the Assault of Globalization
  7. History Matters: Past Resistance
  8. Struggles for Indigenous Self-Determination
  9. Anti-Oppression Organizing

Other Resources:

  1. Confronting Fortress North America
  2. Anti-Poverty/ Resisting Gentrification
  3. Women's Struggles
  4. Queer Struggles
  5. Elders in the Struggle
  6. Anti-Capitalist/Anti-Imperalist
  7. Anti-Racist/Community Organizing
  8. Independent Media
  9. Communications/Tech
  10. Prison Justice/Political Prisoners

Other Conferences

2nd International Indigenous Youth Conference
Vancouver, BC
June 17-24, 2005

The Thinking Through Action Conference:
Twentieth Century Social Movements and their Legacy
SFU Harbour Centre, Vancouver, BC
June 10 - 12, 2005

Land, Decolonization & Self-Determination Conference
Montreal, Canada
May 13-15, 2005

Solidarity Across Borders March
March from Montreal to Ottawa
June 18-25, 2005

Workshop Resources:

Rethinking the Labour Movement

Metropolitan Hotels Workers - Toronto
Community Solidarity Coaltion - Victoria
Industrial Workers of the World - Canada

Filipino Nurses Struggle
Article in the Canadian Women's Health Network Magazine
Article on the Filipino Nurses Support Group
SFU Peak Article - 2001
Vancouver Courier Article

Resisting the Olympics

Creative Resistance's Olympic Watch - BC
2010 Games Watchdog Committee- Vancouver - updated regularly
2010watch - Yahoo News Group - updated regularly
SFU Library Olympic Research Site - research sources for Vancouver's 2010 Olympic Games
Melvin Creek/Cayoosh Ski Resort - Society Promoting Environmental Conservation site on the proposed development
Managing the cost of Olympic gold - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - news release and link to report on cost-benefit analysis of Olympics
Working TV webcast of the Victory Squat - Tent city set up on the day of Vancouver's Olympic announcement
Jumbo Creek Conservation Society - environmental group opposed to ski resort development in the Kootneys (the BC government has been fast tracking ski resort development all over BC without the consent of local communities, especially native communites, see the BC government's Ski Resort Development page)

Statements and Articles
Massacres and Profits: A Brief History of the Olympics - article by Maryann Abbs
Sutikalh - Statement on the Olympics
Indigenous Resistance to the Olympics
Real estate, sport tourism and Native sovereignty in BC - speech by Billie Pierre, Seven Oaks Magazine
Child Labour Day is everyday, in Dickensian B.C. - Charles Demers
The Olympics Land Grab - Naomi Klein
I do not agree with this $20 million bribe - member of the Lil'wat Nation - letter to the editor, The Province
Skwelkwek'welt and Sutikalh Statement on the Olympics
Mayor 'guarantees' no home losses - CBC
Resistance Without Reservation - Zmag - article on resistance to Sun Peaks resort and the Olympics at Skwelkwek'welt
Globalisation comes home to roost:
Child labour in Campbell's B.C.
- Gina Whitfield, Seven Oaks Magazine
The Vancouver Agreement’s “2010 Winter Games Inner-City Inclusive Commitment”

Groups Fighting the Olympics
Skwelkwek'welt Protection Centre
Bus Riders Union
Anti-Poverty Committee
Native Youth Movement
Land, Freedom and Decolonization Coalition
DERA - Downtown Eastside Residents Association

Sites Supporting Olympics
Impact of the Olympics on Commmunity Coalition - environmental, labour, business, tenant coalition in Vancouver
Official Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
City of Vancouver Olympic Site
BC Government Olympic Site
BC Government - Land and Water BC, Resort Development Site

International Articles and Resources
Zmag Articles
Not Snow White - article on deportations of foreigners in preparation of the Nagano Winter Olympics in Japan
The Emperor's Olympics- article on fascism and the Olympics from Japan
From Pericles to Samaranch - article on the IOC corruption in Salt Lake City)
Patriotism Is An Olympic Event - article about the Salt Lake City Olympics
Interview with John Carlos - Amazing interview with John Carlos who, along with gold medialist Tommie Smith, raised his fist on the podium after winning the bronze medal in the 200 meter dash at the Mexico City 1968 Olympics
This Sporting Lie: 'Green Olympics' - article on the Sydney Olympics

Other Articles
Anti-Olympics rally honors dead workers - Greece
Poor pay price of Olympic glory - Utah (The Guardian UK)
1968: The Year of the Fist (Edge of Sports) - article on the Olympic Project for Human Rights, organized by amateur black athletes to boycott the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City
Popular Dissent against the Olympic Corporate Games - (Dissent: a network of Resistance UK)
Inside the Olympic Industry: Power, Politics and Activism - book on Olympic resistance published by SUNY Press, available in the Vancouver Public Library here

International Anti-Olympic Groups
Comitato NoOlypiadi - Turin, Italy Anti-Olympic Group
Anti-Olympics Alliance - Australia - old site against the Syndey Olympics
International Network Against Olympic Games and Commercial Sports - Finland
Anti-Olympic Committee - Helsinki, Finland
Bread Not Circuses - old site against the Toronto 2008 Olympic Bid

Health under Capitalism

Hospital Employee's Union
Grassroots Women's Health Campaign
International People's Health Council

Harm Reduction:
VANDU - Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users

327 Carrall User-Run Safe Injection Site
Canadian HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review Article
Salon.com Article on Indymedia UK
Vancouver Courier Article

Creative Political and Legal Strategies

Creative Political Strategies
OCAP - Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
Beehive Design Collective
Western Shoshone Defense Project
VANDU - Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users
Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade - document on soft wood lumber (in PDF)

Legal Strategies
PIVOT Legal Society
Collective Opposed to Police Brutality - Vancouver - old site
Copwatch Vancouver - new site coming soon

The Possibilities and Limitations of Electoralism

Leftist Parties of the World
Left Turn - BC

Globalizing the War & the Assault of Globalization

Campaign against SNC-Lavalin - Canada
Palestine Community Centre - Vancouver
South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy - BC
Stop War- Vancouver
Left Turn: Notes from the Global Intifada - USA
Colours of Resistance - USA
Al-Awada: Palestine Right to Return Group - Canada
Peoples Global Action - International
Palestine Solidarity Group

Struggles for Indigenous Self-Determination

Redwire Magazine - Canada
Skwelkwek'welt Protection Centre
Native Youth Movement
Friends of Grassy Narrows
Nuxalk Nation
Native Youth Movement - Vancouver
Toronto Native Youth
Settlers in Support of Indigenous Sovereignty
Indigenous People's Solidarity Movement - Montreal
Haida Nation - Hadia Gwaii
Indigenous Environmental Network

History Matters: Past Resistance

Keeping Time: Radical History of Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories
Socialist History Project
History of the Vietnam War Resisters in Canada
CBC Archives: Relocation to Redress: The Internment of the Japanese Canadians

The American Indian Occupation of Alcatraz Island
1969 - 1971

First Nations Issues of Consquence - searchable database

History of the United Farm Workers of Washington
Article on the History of the IWW in Canada
CBC Archives: Winnipeg General Strike 1919

Study of Radical History
Center for the Study of Political Graphics
Spunk Anarchist Library
Pacific Northwest Labour History Association
Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies - Seattle
Radical History Review
International Radical History Links

Anti-Oppression Organizing

Anti-Opression Resources - School of the Americas Watch
Class Matters

Other Resources:

Confronting Fortress North America

No One Is Illegal - Vancouver
No One is Illegal - Toronto

No One is Illegal - Montreal
Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees - Montreal
Justice for Mohamed Harket
STATUS - Regularize Non-Status Immigrants
Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada
Coalition for Justice for Adil
Solidarity with Mohamed Cherfi
Project Threadbare
Al Awda - Palestinian Right of Return Coalition
Canadian Arab Federation
Iranian Federation of Refugees
DARE - Direct Action Against Refugee Exploitation
Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM-NYC)
Center for Constitutional Rights - NYC
Coalition for the Human Rights of Immigrants - NYC
Border Action Network - Arizona-Mexico
Solidarity Across Borders - Montreal

Anti-Poverty/ Resisting Gentrification

APC - The Anti-Poverty Committee - Vancouver
OCAP - Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
DERA - Downtown Eastside Residents Association - Vancouver
PovNet - Canada
Kensington Welfare Rights Union - USA
CLAC - Logement - Montreal

Women's Struggles

Vancouver Status of Women
Grassroots Women - Vancouver

Queer Struggles

QUAK - Queers United Against Kapitalism - Vancouver

Elders in the Struggle

Seniors Network of BC
Women Elders in Action WE*ACT - Vancouver


Anarchist People of Color- North America
Colours of Resistance - USA
The Northeastern Federation of Anarchist-Communists (NEFAC)- USA
CLAC - Anti-Capitalist Convergence - Montreal
Autonomy and Solidarity - Canada

Anti-Racist/Community Organizing

Palestine Community Centre - Vancouver
South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy - BC
Model Minority - USA
Black Radical Congress - USA
Center for Third World Organizing - USA
Incite! Women of Color Against Violence - USA
Asian-American Movement Ezine - USA
Black August: Hip Hop & our Freedom Fighters - USA
Chinese Canadian National Council
Youth Solidarity Summer - NY

Independent Media

Seven Oaks Magazine - BC
Autonomy and Solidarity - Canada
Creative Resistance- BC
Indymedia - BC
Eastern Door - Kahnawake Mohawk Territory
Janice Switlo - Canada
Co-op Radio

ColorLines Magazine - USA
Left Turn - USA
Colours of Resistance - USA
Countercurrents - USA
The New Standard - USA

Counterpunch - USA
The Nation -USA
Monthly Review - USA
AWOL Magazine - USA
Black Commentator - USA
Common Dreams - USA

ZNet - North America
The Indymedia Center - International
Venezuala Analysis
From Occupied Palestine
Electronic Intifada
Haiti Action


Resist Collective
Oat/Tao Collective
RiseUp Collective

Prison Justice/Political Prisoners

Critical Resistance - USA
Prison Justice: Joint Effort, Prison Justice Day, Books 2 Prisoners - Canada
Prison Activist Resource Center - USA
Radio Diaries - Prison Diaries - USA
360 Degrees: Perspectives on US Criminal Justice System
Free John Graham - Canada
John Graham Defense Committee - Canada
Anarchist Black Cross - North America
The Jerico Movement - USA
Sumoud: A Political Prisoner Solidarity Group