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updated: June 15, 2005


Envisioning People's Stuggles Conference
June 24-26, 2005
Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories
email: eps2005(at)resist(dot)ca
tel: 778-552-2099

Please copy the registration questions below into an email and send the completed form to eps2005(at)resist(dot)ca.

Envisioning Peoples Struggles Conference
Workshops, Panels and Films
June 24-26, 2005


Organisation/Affiliation (if any):

When do you plan to attend? (Check the schedule for exact times)

Friday June 24 Opening Panel?
Saturday June 25 Workshops and Film Festival?
Saturday June 25 The Historical Resistance Walk of DTES/ Chinatown?
Sunday June 26 Program?
Sunday Sunday 26 Anti-Oppression Workshop (mandatory pre-registration)?

Please indicate your preference of workshops in each time slot for Saturday so we get a sense of room size required:

10:00 TO 11:30
* Rethinking the Labour Movement
* Resisting 2010 Olympics

11:30 TO 1:30
* Health under Capitalism
* Creative Political and Legal Strategies

2:30 TO 4:00
* The Possibilities and Limitations of Electoralism
* The Globalization of War & the Assault of Globalization

4:00 TO 6:00
* History Matters: Past Resistance
* Struggles for Indigenous Self-Determination: fighting mining and forestry destruction

Do you need childcare (how many/ages)?
Time childcare is needed:

Do you have any food allergies or restrictions that we should be aware of?

Do you need translation?

Do you need housing (which nights/ accessibility needs or preferences/allergies)?

Do you have any other concerns?

Contact Information
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