Delimiting the field of study (or how many tech activists does it take to…)

I came across a small write-up that Aaron Pettigrew did on my BarCamp presentation. He seems like an interesting cat (I checked out his site, natch) and he made a good point about my talk, which was that, while I did include Indymedia and EZLN in my round up of tech activism, “there weren’t really any examples of tech activist movements outside North America.” This is true, and with any study, you need to delimit it – e.g. I research cats, not cats and dogs, or all animals in god’s kingdom. While it lacks any imagination or creativity, I think that example illustrates my conundrum (if you will) rather plainly.

But… If I am truly using the Global Justice Movement as the context within which I study tech activism, then maybe I need some more global casestudies, or at least examples. I sent Aaron a little note; we’ll see what he has to say.

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