The following museum includes positive vulva imagery in art, jewelry, sculpture, graphic art and more. We are continually saddened to see the widespread disrespect that is displayed towards women's genitals in most cultures and are offering this website as an alternative for women and men alike, to expand past the corporate, political and religious brainwashing to learn to love and be proud of the genitals we live with in our lives. Enjoy!

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Thoreau said "“I lose my respect for the man who can make the mystery of sex the subject of a coarse jest, yet when you speak earnestly and seriously on the subject, is silent” and I fully agree. I think that we need to speak on much more honest terms about sexuality, especially if we are going to have so much sexuality on display in our societies!

While this is a bit off topic for a Vulva Museum, it is not completely off topic and I think it is an important topic so for this one day, I am going to promote something that does not have to do with vulvas but rather health and sexuality. Thaddeus Spae is giving away his ebook, "Controlling Premature Ejaculation," FOR FREE TODAY, FEB. 15, 2012, on Amazon! Go to this link to upload it for free to your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, PC or Mac! Thaddeus is a humorous writer, and is also very intelligent and is comfortable talking on real terms about this issue. I highly recommend this book.

This is the book's description: Learn to control premature ejaculation with this humorous and informative manual. Learning to control ejaculations/orgasms can prolong sexual love making, and can also increase sexual satisfaction for everyone involved. Based upon the author's personal experience and written in plain English, this is a practical, down-to-earth guidebook for men who experience this condition and want to take active steps to control it. It gives instructions for practical exercises such as Kegel contractions, breath work, belly relaxation and practice techniques using masturbation, meditation and self-imaging. Also included are instructions regarding helpful herbs and vitamins, powerful affirmations, and body and energy experiential techniques. Written from a frank, witty, yet respectful point of view, this book helps men get in touch with their bodies, leading to increased sexual confidence and satisfaction.

This book examines the relationship between vulvas (women's genitals) and society, history, health, art, religion, politics and more. Vulvic imagery of goddesses Sheela-na-gig and Baubo, in addition to alternative vulvic products such as necklaces, purses and pillows shaped like vulvas, are discussed in relation to women's self esteem. Women's spirituality, religion and gender, herbal remedies for vulvas, midwifery, the "sanitary protection" industry, the psychology of gender, women's mental health and esteem as related to vulvas are all discussed. Especially healing for women with body esteem and genital shame issues.

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About the Author: Kirsten Anderberg received her B.A. Degree in Women's Studies and Political Science from the University of WA and her M.A. Degree in History from CA State University. She has written articles and taught workshops on women's body esteem and sexuality at various universities and resorts.

This painting was contributed to the Vulva Museum by a talented artist from Brazil, Anacreonte Fongiq.

This is another painting by Anacreonte Fongiq...You can see more of this artist's vulva paintings in Room 8 of our Vulva Museum...

"I lose my respect for the man who can make the mystery of sex the subject of coarse jest, yet, when you speak earnestly and seriously on the subject, is silent." - H.D.Thoreau

A picture I took of vulva-like sealife recently...

Vaginas in Mythology, Art, and History
Much as breasts have become a market commodity, vaginas have suffered a similar fate. Girls, women, boys, and men, are given little to no empowering imagery, mythology or language within American culture, regarding vaginas and female genitals. The most common thing kids and adults hear about female genitals is they supposedly stink like rotten tuna fish, or leave trails like slugs. Additionally, those jokes about tuna and slugs are bantered about lightly by males and females alike. Women are taught their genitals are gross in American culture, yet we also know they are an economic commodity, which is confusing. Read more in the new book "Vulva Empowerment"


Vulva goddesses exist in history, such as Baubo. Her name means belly, as in belly laughter. She is a fun goddess, known for her bawdy sexual, even obscene, joking. Her head is her torso, and her chin is her genital mound, thus she is a bearded woman. In legend, Baubo lifted her skirt, making "wise cracks," until Demeter began laughing and then was roaring with laughter, and her own Power, again. It can be hard to imagine empowering sexual jokes since most of the sexual jokes in our culture, unfortunately, are debasing, especially to women. But Baubo is an image to help overcome ruts we have found ourselves in, perhaps.

This portrait of Sheela-Na-Gig was spotted in a cart at the Oregon Country Fair...

Sheela-Na-Gig is a vulva goddess. Sheela-Na-Gig is sort of the exact opposite of a Playboy centerfold. Her image truly frightens people. I had an earring of her and people did not like it, and commented on it all the time. Sheela-Na-Gigs are images of vulvas being pulled wide open, like portals, by women with crazy, intense grins on their faces. Sheela-Na-Gig images have been found in Europe carved into many churches and castles. It is not clear whether the goddesses were put there in defiance of the churches by pagan builders, or to offer sanctification of the churches. Most of the Sheela-Na-Gigs were removed by Puritans, but some still exist in Europe. After I became aware of Sheela-Na-Gig, I began to see her everywhere; in jewelry, on note cards, on rubber stamps, in statues, on prayer flags, on t-shirts and underwear. "The Metamorphosis of Baubo: Myths of Woman's Sexual Energy," by Winifred Milius Lubell, is the best book I have ever read linking women's vulvas to empowering mythology and history. She shows the devolution of women's genital imagery from powerful and sacred, such as in her examples of Baubo and Sheela-Na-Gig, to a new imagery of sharp-toothed monster vaginas that eat men, in the patriarchy.

Vulva Prayer Flag

Other cultures have vulva goddesses. American Christian culture offers a virgin who has an immaculate conception, which is basically birth with the sex removed! Contemporary American artists, such as Judy Chicago and Georgia O'Keefe, have tried to liberate the stiff male control of vulvas in America, and have been met with intense protest and controversy. The success of The Vagina Monologues is a good sign, yet, it too, is considered far more controversial than Playboy. Women and men, boys and girls, need better imagery around women's genitals than America provides. Women's genitals should not be reduced to merely porn or Tampax commercials. We can do better. Let's raise a generation without the slug and tuna fish jokes, with respect for women's monthly cycles, rather than shrouding them in disgust, filth, shame, and controlling religious dogma. Let's give ourselves more positive women's genital imagery, in myths, art, jewelry, books, and more, for a more healthy future for all.

Jane Iris Vulva Ring (The Vulva Museum Staff wear these)

Ancient Vulva Worship


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