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7 Tools for Health and Happiness


Right Thinking

The way I think influences who and what I am. Some thought patterns can emerge as forces for health and others will take me down the path of suffering.
Positive thought
I have a choice. I can transform my emotional nature so that I am also seeing the positive side along with the negative.

Seeing the difference between what I can change and what I can't allows me to move past otherwise insurmountable obstacles.

Desire is the driving force of all my actions. When I am in control of this powerful energy I am no longer moving at the whim of external forces. Frustration can now be curtailed.

Thought as a physical force
Thought can do damage to others just as damage can be done using physical objects. Be careful of thoughts of violence as these thoughts can turn around and bite me.

Constructive thought emanates from me and heals all that it touches. This in turn heals my pain and suffering.

Here and Now
The conscious mind is always looking to the next moment in anticipation of the future. It is always imagining other places. But I am neither in these other moments nor in these other places. I sit in the eternal Now and cannot escape the Here. Looking elsewhere will only add confusion and keep me from seeing the world as it is. I am the Great Healer!



Right Eating

There are many diets and fads which claim to be the right way to eat. The truth is that it is as easy as apple pie, and my body is the expert that I should listen to.

Natural Foods
In this modern world, I find that most foods that are available, are processed and made by corporations that have no interest in my health. They add ingredients to prolong shelf life or fool my taste buds. Many of these chemicals will do damage to my system when taken throughout my life. Read the ingredients of foods before I buy them. It's best to find foods that contain basic foods and no chemicals. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts can fulfill my nutritional needs.

The food industry has tended towards larger farms as the small farmer has gone bankrupt and forced to sell. These mega-agri-business operations use chemical fertilizers, chemical insecticides and chemical herbicides to increase the bottom line. Grow as much of my own food as I can. What I can't grow, buy from local organic farms. Start a co-op so that I can buy in quantity and save money.

Chewing my food allows all of the energy of the food to be used by my body. Also my body doesn't have to work as hard to process and eliminate the food when it is well pulverized.

Thankful eating
The aborigines of all continents gave prayer when they hunted their food, when they burned the jungle for growing food, when they planted seed and when they ate their food. This was not because they were superstitious, but because they had an understanding of the interconnectedness between the world and themselves.
Jalapeño Bread


Right Breathing

Clean Air
The importance of clean air to one's health is so critical that if I live where the air is not clean I should consider moving.

Deep Breathing
I need to breathe deeply once in a while so that all of the sacs in my lungs are filled with clean air. Open my arms when I inhale and bring them back when I exhale. This expands and contracts my ribcage to make it easier to fill and exhale my lungs.

Shallow Breathing
When the breath is allowed to calm, I can see more because I am no longer muddying the water. This is not the same as forcing myself not to breathe but rather a natural process that occurs when I send a message of calmness to my body.
Paisley Pants


My muscles must be stretched daily so that they can be in the best shape to serve me.

Love making
Done properly and lasting over a long period of time one uses most of the muscles of the body and it can even become aerobic.

Exercise needs to be fun so that I will continue to do it. Some fun exercises are hiking, swimming Tai Chi, hacky sack, running, frisbee and making love. All these activities will increase my heart rate and induce deep breathing. Tai Chi has the added benefit of increasing my balance, control and centering. All exercises must be begun slowly at first. Listen to my body so that I do not overdo it.


Disclaimer: I make no claim as to the efficacy of any use of the plants in this database. The medicinal uses presented are for investigative purposes only.

Native Plants
Native plants are the oldest and safest tools for treating illness. Most of today's medicines are derived or based on the action of medicinal plants.

Plantain - Plantago major
Plantain is a wonderful wound medicine. It is good for bee stings and open wounds. It is also a great tool to fight Staphylococcus infection. I dry the plant and keep it in a dry air tight container for use when it is out-of season. To use: reconstitute with water and put on wound as a poultice. Wrap with gauze to keep it in place. In the Summer when stung by a bee or wasp, chew leaf and apply to the sting area.

Peppermint - Mentha piperita
Peppermint is a good stomachic, which is good to use for upset stomach. It is contra-indicated for pregnant women.

Aloe - Aloe vera
Aloe is a must as a house plant. There are few remedies better than this for burns. Just break off a leaf and spread the juice on the wound.

Onion - Allium spp.
Onion is used as an expectorant for colds and coughs. Cook the onion and mix with honey. It is also a good poultice for burns and stings.

Chickory - Cichorium intybus
Dry the root, then roast and grind it. It is good as a hepatic, diuretic, stomachic, tonic and laxative.

Strawberry - Fragaria spp.
A tea from the leaf and flower can be used as a laxative, diuretic and astringent. The fruit can be used as a dentifrice, a cosmetic and for sunburn.

Gumweed - Grindelia integrifolia
This is the best poultice for poison ivy blisters.

Sunflower - Helianthus annus
The crushed root is good for bruises, coughs and colds

Catnip - Nepeta cataria
Catnip can be use to decrease the temperature of a fever.

Rose - Rosa spp.
A tea from the hips is used as a refrigerant, astringent and stomachic. Mixed with honey, it is used for coughs.

Figwort - Scrophularia californica
This plant can be used to break fevers.

Dandelion - Taraxacum officinale
Dry, roast and grind the roots. It is good for the liver and is a detoxifier.

Clover - Trifolium spp.
For coughs, liver, sedative, carminative and digestive distress.

Calypso Flower




Human touch is the most healing gift that I can share with others.

Deep tissue massage
This is good for sore ligaments and calcium deposits.

Aural massage
These types of techniques affect the more subtle parts of my nature.

An ancient medicine that heals by balancing unseen forces that flow through the body. This is accomplished by inserting needles or by finger pressure on selected points.

Invasion of Space
Don't instigate a massage without first asking.

Music and Art

Music can heal
Minstrels of centuries past would be hired to play songs that would get people dancing so as to ward off melancholy.

Art can make me happy
Art helps release my inner visions so that I can achieve clarity of purpose. As I understand myself better, I am better prepared to make the choices that are necessary for a fuller and happier life.