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Y2K Bug: The Year 2000 in review

The most under reported story in the year 2000 is
the effect of the Y2K bug on systems in this
country and around the world. Thanks to GICC
and its many posters for providing information
that would only be found in local papers. There
were a lot of stories that had solid Y2K
relationships and maybe 20 times that many that
were only in the probable or possible category.
Here is a partial list of stories that can be stated to
be in the solid category from the last half of this year.

Alaska Airlines maintenance software failure

The big story of this month is that the Alaska Airline
jet that went down in January of 2000 was due to have
its horizontal stabilizer replaced in December of 1999.
The new maintenance software installed failed to notify
the maintenance workers of the need to change the part
until 3 days after the crash. The FAA has been checking
the maintenance software of all the airlines to make sure
that the problem isn't widespread. Here is the possible
Y2K connection to planes falling out of the sky, trains
derailing and other disasters that are caused by parts that
had not been changed expediently.

Here is a link to some graphs on nuclear SCRAMs and
refinery capacity. The oil graphs were done by L. Cassels

Nuclear power SCRAMs graph and Oil capacity graph

And here are some businesses that had Y2K problems

-- spider December 29, 2000.