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The disenfranchisement of women

This subject should be studied not only on a global scale but also as it has impacted societies through time. Thousands of years ago patriarchal invaders, unable to coexist with societies where the inheritance of wealth passed from the woman to her daughter, proceeded to conquer these societies. This was a three-clawed monster that supplanted three major aspects of society: the government, the military and religion. This disenfranchisement created a powerful change through a large area of the Middle East and the Mediterranean area and its influence has lasted to this day, worldwide. Even today as women are no longer treated as chattel, they have not yet reached a place of equality. Women have only had the right to vote in this country for 50 years. Today they have reached a small percentage of the governmental, military and religious leadership. Until they have reached parity in these areas of power, they have not reached equality. The percentage that they are included in these areas is a gauge of how far this inequality has been breached. This power shift was accomplished through military conquest. Those that hold onto power in these indicator areas will resort to violence in order to keep the inequality in their favor.

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