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The Mask Mandate

Many people are convinced that onerous mandate of wearing face masks will lessen the impact of the current pandemic. This is a contested perception. All randomized controlled trials concerning the use of masks to protect against being infected with pulmonary viruses have concluded that masks do not make a significant protection of infection.

Both the WHO and CDC initially said that masks were not required. Later the CDC changed and said that masks should be worn. One would think that more current studies would be the reason that they decided to change their recommendation. The truth is the opposite. A randomized controlled trial published in August concerning masks and SARSCoV-2 was forced to retract their publication by the NIH though it also concluded that masks were ineffective. Pro-mask advocates have based their recommendation on studies of air flow of droplets and finer particles using different masks.

spider 08/2020

Since I wrote this, I have an enlightened understanding on the history of alopathic medicine and the politics of virology.

spider 06/2022