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Media mind control

It can be easily seen that people have diverse and conflicting opinions about the state of the world and the course to take to make it better. Even more obvious is that everyone thinks that their own ideas are right.

People arrive at conclusions based on some major influences: their indoctrination during their upbringing, their personal experiences and their choice of media news that they listen to. The media is so powerful in molding peoples opinions that its propaganda value has been used since the invention of the printing press. During the regimes of Baby Bush and Obama, a more robust effort was made to get all of the media in line with the government’s thought. Through ongoing regimes the tools used were: charging truth-tellers in court, forcing heads of media to resign or be fired, black-listing courageous reporters and assassinating those that would not heel.

It is now a fait accompli. Not one of the mainstream media voices in the US will counter the lies that our government tells. Even alternative sources like Democracy Now are compromised by funding by George Soros and the Ford Foundation. Common Dreams is populated with gatekeepers and mis-informers. They regurgitate the government demonization of those leaders that are slated for removal, as per the Project for a New American Century. News has become a weapon of the State. The real news is disparaged as fake news to besmirch the credibility of those sources that maintain integrity.


Eason Jordan, says military had targeted journalists during operations in Iraq, forced to resign.

The head of CNN's news division, Eason Jordan, ignited an Internet firestorm last week when he told a panel at a World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland, that the American military had targeted journalists during operations in Iraq.

Close Gary Webb (August 31, 1955 – December 10, 2004) Black listed for writing "Dark Alliance" 1996
He committed suicide after not being able to find work. His suicide was questioned by friends and family. They found it hard to believe that he could have managed to put two bullets in his head from a .38 revolver.



Abbie Hoffman committed suicide 1989
He was investigating the October Surprise conspiracy with Amy Carter. His suicide was questionable.


Danny Casolaro (June 16, 1947 – August 10, 1991) Shortly before his death, Casolaro told people that he was nearly ready to reveal a wide-ranging conspiracy spanning the Inslaw case, Iran-Contra, the October Surprise conspiracy, and the closure of BCCI.


Gary Webb (August 31, 1955 – December 10, 2004) Black listed for writing "Dark Alliance" 1996
He committed suicide after not being able to find work. His suicide was questioned by friends and family. They found it hard to believe that he could have managed to put two bullets in his head from a .38 revolver.


At the time of his death in a mysterious one-car crash and explosion, journalist Michael Hastings was researching a story that threatened to expose powerful entities and government-connected figures. That story intersected with the work of two controversial government critics—the hacker Barrett Brown and the on-the-run surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden.



Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International corroborated fabricated claims that Qaddafi was going to massacre civilians in Benghazi. Democracy Now interviewed Juan Cole who had first fabricated the lie. He is not challenged for his lie, but is given free reign to repeat these untrue allegations.


Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International claim that the Syrian government used nerve gas on civilians in Damascus. This turned out to be a total fabrication. Democracy Now interviews Steven Clemons of The Atlantic who claims Israeli intelligence has proof it was done by the government. To pretend to be presenting both sides, Tariq Ali was invited to counter these claims. Tariq Ali is in full support of the US agenda to take down Syria and Iran.


Democracy Now reports that a separatist commander in Ukraine claims a Buk missile was fired by the rebels. A claim that was later proven false.



Those liberals that advised us to vote for Obama even though his subservience to the big banks, oil and nuclear energy were clear much before he became President were:

Norman Solomon, Jeff Cohen, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Harry Belafonte


Examples of demonizations of previous CIA clients are Manuel Noriega and Osama bin Laden. Others that were targeted for assassination include Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein and Muammar Qaddafi. Lies about al Assad and Putin abound.


July 03, 1998 SUN NATIONAL STAFF Sarin gas used to kill US soldiers that defected in Vietnam: Kissinger, Powell and Westmoreland implicated.

WASHINGTON -- CNN retracted yesterday its explosive and widely criticized report that a U.S. military mission during the Vietnam War had used deadly sarin gas to target U.S. defectors, saying an independent review of its story found "serious faults."

The stories' producers were fired.


Suing Whistleblowers

Prosecution of Journalists Is Possible in NSA Leaks

2003 – British government translator Katharine Gun leaks an e-mail detailing illegal activities by the US and UK in their push to invade Iraq. In the document, a U.S. National Security Agency official requests British help with spying on UN diplomats. Gun is arrested and charged with crimes before the case is finally dropped in 2004.

2005 – National Security Agency (NSA) Senior Executive Thomas Drake identified a massively wasteful and ineffective program that sacrificed security and privacy. Drake reported the program first using all proper internal channels (NSA, Congress, DoD IG), then later to a reporter in 2005. Prosecuted under the Espionage Act, he saw his case collapse by June 2011. Nonetheless, he was forced to mount a crushing legal battle for four years and his career was destroyed.

2010 – Chelsea Manning, a U.S. Army intelligence analyst, was arrested for leaking 91,731 secret U.S. military reports about the war in Afghanistan, and 251,287 diplomatic cables from the State Department, including a classified airstrike video showing U.S. gunfire killing 11 civilians in Baghdad, including two Reuters journalists.

If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed.
If you do read the newspaper, you're misinformed.

Mark Twain

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