UPDATE (March 28, 2013): Eva Botten has been sentenced to 10 months in prison. See the Updates page for more information.

Two years have passed since the Toronto G20 Summit convergence galvanized media and activist attention. The convergence itself, saw participation from numerous activists from across the country. The events of the protest and the subsequent arrests captured the attention of corporate and independent media alike. Once the dust had settled, many of the arrestees faced lengthy sentences and mounting legal fees.

Many of those charged were presented with strict conditions preventing them from associating with any individuals engaged in or affilaited with radical, activist and social justice activities. This included disallowing them involvement with collectives, groups or folks who were organizing support campaigns. This draconian non-association condition served the purpose of isolating and alienating those who are facing sentences, leaving them to go-it alone without the active and necessary supports of their communities.

We hope to break this cycle by providing folks an opportunity to commit either financially or socially to the formation of a collective of support for G20 activists from Vancouver still facing charges in the East.