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New year, same old

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

It’s been awhile since I’ve written; I felt the guilt, but not enough to motivate me. I wasn’t working – took almost 2 weeks off, and thus had nothing to write. But I got back to it this week, bright and early in the new year – January 2. All week I’ve been working on revising a paper I wrote for class into a journal article for Tailoring Biotechnologies. One of the eds saw my work posted on Indymedia, and inquired about it. As it hasn’t been published, they were pleased, and sent some editorial revisions. I’ve been struggling with these all week. You know how different people get different things from the same thing – an academic journal article, for example. So it feels, in some instances anyhow, that perhaps what I intended was not at all what the reader got out of it. We’ll see. Revising a paper is more of a challenge than writing from scratch. It’s a task I do not enjoy, but I’m almost finished, so it’ll be their problem, at least till they send it back!

On another note, I’m exasperated and annoyed at the blog spam I’ve been receiving. Every day. I feel personally affronted, though I know I should not and all I can think is, what losers. Unsurprisingly, this spam falls into 3 categories: 1. Porn; 2. Penis enlargement; 3. Fake winning money, in that order. It is beyond irritating. I have to do something, but I’m thinking of migrating this blog (unpredictable server plus no tech support), so I won’t do anything here.

Back in the day, when I was say 8 or 9, SPAM represented a new sort of consumer food, along the lines of TV dinners. It represented all that was good about being modern: the convenience, the scientific advance (you could *do* that with meat?), and to my young mind, the disposable income (in our lowever-middle class home, nothing was pret-a-porter, it was all “from scratch”, handmade, reused, and so, of course, all the less desirable). I would see it at my friend Karen’s house, in the pantry, and regard it with awe, and some envy, I admit. Never mind it tasted like shit, or cat food. Never mind it was a military food and that food, as we all know, beats out only hospital and airline food. But that wasn’t the point, now, was it?

Coupla things

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Well, if a blog isn’t a place you can talk about yourself, I don’t know where is…

Axel Bruns mentioned my CJC book review in his blog. He calls it “generally positive.” Whew.

In other breaking news, the latest issue of *FAS Thinking* is out, with the ACT Lab cover story. It’s rather embarassing, but then we all knew it would be.