Toward a theory of change: Radical social theory and emancipatory communication

This list really has me geeked. I’m enjoying the reading so far, but it’s tough. I’ve broken this list down – by period and category. I know all the connections – intuit them almost – but this helps make it more evident to those of you outside my brain. Field definition to come…

A. Visions of a liberated society

1. Pre-Marxist utopian visions
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2. The Evolution of Socialist Thought
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3. Responses: Post-marxism/post-colonialism/feminism/post-modernism
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B. Implications of emancipatory communication

√Curran, James. (??). Rethinking the media as public sphere. In Dahlgren & Sparks (eds.) Communication and citizenship: Journalism and the public sphere in the new media age.
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